A E I O U – A Quick Alphabet of Love

  • In theatres10 November 2022
  • Production year2022
  • CountryGermany, France
  • Length104
  • LanguageDE/fr/it
  • ProductionKomplizen Film, Kazak Productions, Kineo Filmproduktion
  • DirectorNicolette Krebitz
  • CastSophie Rois, Udo Kier, Milan Herms, Nicolas Bridet
  • Age restriction16
  • Festivals
    Berlinale Competition (nom.)
    German Film Award


She thought it would never happen to her again.
He didn’t even know such a thing existed.
A woman, a boy and another impossible love story.

Anna (Sophie Rois) is 60, lives alone in West Berlin and has left her career as a celebrated acting star long behind her. Adrian (Milan Herms) is 17 years old and has stolen Anna’s handbag on the open street. Normally, two such different people would probably not meet a second time, but fate has other plans. Anna, who apart from her neighbour Michel (Udo Kier) has virtually no social contacts, is persuaded to become a voice coach and give lessons to a young man with a speech impediment. And as chances would have it, her new student is none other than Adrian.

In AEIOU, Nicolette Krebitz designs a relationship that not only surprises with a lot of tenderness and a wild, poetic hand stroke, but also turns both characters into individuals of integrity, self-empowered with each other, learning. Neither feels guilt, neither feels shame, both feel love and yet remain completely with themselves, lonely together, but not in the discouragement usually inherent in that phrase. On the contrary, it is a wild, unpredictable courage that stands above everything and leads the character development. Axel Timo Purr, Artechock

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