Réveil sur Mars

  • Al cinema dal27.05.2021
  • Production year2020
  • CountryCH, FR
  • Length75
  • ProductionAlva Film, Melisande Films, Amok Films, RTS
  • DirectorDea Gjinovci
  • CastFurkan Demiri, Muharrem Demiri, Nurje Demiri, Resul Demiri, Ibadeta Demiri, Djeneta Demiri, Elisabeth Hultcrantz
  • Age restriction
  • Festivals
    Tribeca Film Festival 2020, Visions du réel 2020 (National Competition), Visions du réel 2018 (Prix Perspective d'un Doc), Sundance Documentary Fund 2018, FIFDH 2019 (Impact Day Award), Solothurn Filmtage 2021


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A 10-year-old Roma boy living in Sweden attempts to come to terms with the mysterious Resignation Syn- drome that has put his two sisters in a coma. The tight-knit family is trying to rebuild a normal life far from their native Kosovo where they were victims of persecution. While their entire future hangs in the balance of a pending asylum request, the little boy dreams of building a spaceship to leave it all behind.

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