Je Suis Noires

  • In theatresSprint 2023
  • Production year2022
  • CountrySwitzerland
  • Length52
  • LanguageFR/de/it
  • ProductionAkka Films
  • DirectorRachel M’Bon & Juliana Fanjul
  • CastDocumentary
  • Age restrictiontba
  • Festivals
    FIFDH Competition


Switzerland, the cradle of humanitarian law and a country with no colonies, discovers its dark side and its blacks. In this context, Rachel, a Swiss-Congolese journalist, goes in search of her black identity by interviewing her peers. They are women citizens, standing at the intersection of oppressions, fighting to free themselves from the weight of their skin color. All of them struggle to break free from confining stereotypes and try to love themselves by making their dual Swiss and black identities coexist. As an allegory the film intertwines the transformation of a country, and the trajectory of the narrator and her sisters. It leads each one to look at oneself in the reflection of the other, to heal both the individual and collective narratives.

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